Last night was the annual S.F. Giants Stitch & Pitch baseball game. I joined two ladies from my knitting group in the stands and cheered along while working on the hat I started Monday night (emergency bus project for Tuesday):


This next photo is a gratuitous one I took at my friend’s request. The player at bat had rather an impressive rear end; unfortunately, my phone’s camera doesn’t zoom or even have a lot of power to begin with, so you’ll have to use your imagination. Or look up player #33 and hope to find something other than a head shot:


The game was pretty good. I found it to have a little less action than the 3 other games I’ve been to, so I spent some time admiring the WIPs and many hand-knitted garments in the stands around me. Some of the babies had exquisite little sweaters on, clearly the children of or closely related to some great knitters. With the bus ride to and from work, then back out to the ballpark and watching the game, I finished the hat, another of the rebel-baby color choices:


Pattern: own
Yarn: Zitron Trekking Pro Natura, 75% superwash wool, 25% bamboo, color 1603, held doubled throughout
Needles: 2
Finished size: Toddler
Started 7/21 and finished 7/22/2008

Fortunately, I come prepared for just such a calamity, so the back of the Apres Surf Hoodie saw some baseball action too:


I know, not much to see there yet.

The giveaways at this year’s game were a Stitch & Pitch baseball hat and apparently a giant pile of Malabrigo that I missed out on by waiting until the 4th inning to go get my freebie. I found 5 large, empty tables and one table with a small pile of black hats. Here we are, in our hats, enjoying the game:


Sorry for the blurriness; a stranger took the photo and she wasn’t familiar with how my phone worked. I’m on the right.

The Giants won, 6 to 3.