Mr. MmmYarn and I went out of town again this weekend, to nearly the same place we went last weekend. It’s a 4-hour drive each direction. I finally have the stitch pattern for the Apres Surf Hoodie memorized (sheesh, that sure took long enough) and Mr. MmmYarn kindly drove a 2-hour leg each direction of our trip, so the back of the hoodie is coming along nicely. Here it is on the road Friday:


I am working a larger size for the lower half and a smaller size for the top half. The back looked like this today when it was time for me to take over driving:


This is all just car knitting this weekend, I got no other knitting done. We got home tonight and I spun some more of the electric orange singles and now I’ll go work on the hoodie while we watch the recorded Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics in Beijing. 4 1/2 hours recorded? Gads. I bet with fast forwarding the presumably abundant commercials we can cram it in in less than half that. I like the parade of nations. It’s a great refresher of 9th grade geography.