Well, it is a good thing I braved the wind and went to the library last night. They had my size 2 sock needles and little blue crochet hook in their lost and found! Apparently I turned those in inside KnitKnit the other day. KnitKnit, by the way, I found an interesting read but an impractical choice for my knitting library. I don’t see myself ever donning gloves and a safety mask to cut hundreds of fiberglass strips and knit them into a totally huge, totally unsafe teddy bear. I also don’t see myself knitting a wall covering with a vest in it so a houseguest could fasten herself into the vest and be part of the decor. There was an asymmetrical cardigan that used a stitch pattern I liked but I didn’t like the asymmetry.

It has been a not-so-nice week leading up to my vacation that starts tomorrow after work. Life occasionally likes put us in our places. I mildly sprained that one knuckle that I already mentioned here, injured a calf muscle, and also came down with a cold yesterday. I stayed home from work today so I could try to sleep that off before flying. But looking at my little pile of my freshly-wound yarn cakes makes me smile:


It’s all sock yarn. That’s Fearless Fibers in Robin’s Egg on the left (still waiting to be caked), Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock in Rockstar at the top, Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Newtown on the right, and Claudia Hand Painted Yarns in Sharks (as in San Jose Sharks, the hockey team) at the bottom. I plan to bring 2, maybe 3 of these and haven’t decided which ones are making the cut.

Mystery Stole 4 will stay home, I think. I’ll see tomorrow morning. If I can cram it in the suitcase, it can come along. While basic shawls are great travel knitting, this one with all the teensy beads isn’t exactly portable. I need good light, space, and focus to work on this. But I might bring it to show off to my grandmothers. 🙂

For our vacation, we will spend one week in Paris on our own,  then travel around Germany visiting relatives of mine for 2 weeks. I haven’t heard anything too spectacular about yarn in Paris craft shops yet so I’ll leave those to chance. If I see one, I’ll go in. I hear buttons and ribbons are fabulous but the knitting bug hasn’t bitten there the same way it has here. Saarbruecken, Germany, has a shop called Tausendschoen that I definitely want to go to. I have read about it in several blogs and seen enough fiber and yarn photos from that shop that it’s become a must-see. The other shop I like in Germany is a chain called Wolle Roedel that can be found in many cities. They have a great basic line of worsted weight superwash wool that I really like for children’s wear plus a lot of sock and novelty yarns. So if I run out of sock yarn, I can rest assured knowing that I will be able to buy more. (For any of you who might be nit-pickers of German orthography, I can’t type umlauts with WordPress).

We are not taking a computer, so I doubt I’ll be able to blog at any point this trip and if I do it will be short. See you in three weeks, when any completed travel knitting will be revealed.