I had a well-planned mini yarn crawl on our vacation in September, hitting two specific yarn shops in Saarbruecken, Germany. The first stop was Wolle Roedel, definitely one of my favorite brands for workhorse superwash wool yarn. I shop there every time I go to Germany. The empty space in the upper left corner represents the Opal yarn I already knit up into the scarf you saw in my last post:


Even with the poor exchange rate, I got great deals at Wolle Roedel. The Opal sock yarns, for example, are $21.95 and $22.95 in the U.S. and I got them for $12.52 and $14.66 (woohoo!).  The Wolle Roedel Universal superwash single-color yarns (at 50 grams and 125 meters) are under $3.00 a skein. They used to be closer to $2.25 but with the exchange rate this time they were more. Either way, I can bang out infant and toddler sweaters and hats for under $15 so they were well worth having to buy a duffle bag to haul them home.

The second stop was Tausendschoen. The tiny skein of Opal Tiger in the above photo, left front, was a gift from that shop. The owner does her own dyeing so I ignored the recognizable brands and picked up some Tausendschoen sock yarns and spinning fiber.

The sock yarns remind me of Socks That Rock. There are colors that are considered standards, colorways that are dyed regularly although each individual skein is still one-of-a-kind, of which I bought two. Here Goldener Oktober (golden October):


and Seegras (sea grass):,


and there are one-of-a-kind skeins made with leftover dyes. This is the one I settled on out of a pile of very worthy colorways:


I also picked up about 2 ounces each of three merino fiber bundles, one a blue/green mix, one of reds streaked with maroons, and one that reminded me of a chicken’s feathers:


Don’t ask me what breed of chicken, but I’ll know it when I see it. I have no specific plans for any of this yet except the bright blue Universal yarn is mostly knit up into a hat for Mr. MmmYarn and the yellow and orange are for a baby sweater that I really should be working on now and am not. Fortunately the intended recipient was a preemie so she has given me a few extra weeks to come up with something.

And Mystery Stole? In the second pattern row of clue #5 last night I dropped a few stitches off the needle and could not for the life of me fix them. So I’m tinking back, slowly, slowly. Grrr.