Oh, the horror: the Mmm… Yarn blog went down a few hours after my last post and fixing it was beyond my capabilities. My blog hero, Mr. MmmYarn, was away this week. He had an Internet connection but couldn’t access the server to fix the problem. I have to admit I felt a little lost being unable to post when I had things to post. He got home today and got right on it (what a great guy! so I can finally share knitting with you.

After 6 years of working somewhere where I need to wear a staff badge, I decided enough was enough. No more wearing a cold metal bead chain around my neck! I realize it doesn’t get that cold in San Francisco. We don’t get ice or snow, but putting a 50-ish (and sometimes 40-ish) degree piece of metal on my 98.6 degree neck is still an unpleasantly bracing start to a winter morning’s arrival at work. Not to mention it makes a Jacob Marley-like rattling noise as I proceed with the workday. Here is my solution:


Pattern: 3-stitch i-cord that I grafted together after threading it through my badge
Yarn: Koigu KPPPM, 100% merino wool, color P105
Needles: size 1
Started 12/2 and finished 12/3/2008

It’s colorful, it’s warm, it’s quiet, and above all, it’s Koigu. Mmm… Koigu. After all, my neck deserves something great.

On a side note, I never thought the top of a washing machine in the laundromat could make a good background for a small object photo.