… 3,345,283 times. The Apres Surf Hoodie hood is finished and now I am doing the i-cord bind-off along the neck and hood edges on what feels like a bazillion stitches. Plus after this I still have cuffs and the hem to do this on. Mmm… pretty:


Once I get my size 2 needles back from this project, I plan to embark on a baby sweater for our now 2-month-old niece who was a tiny preemie and is now full-term baby size. I really have to get cracking before she gets too much bigger. I swatched with the orange and yellow yarn the other day, intending to use either one pattern or the other all over the sweater, but after seeing the patterns in action I plan to put the smaller pattern in 3 rows at cuffs and edges and work the polka dots after that: