We had a Secret Santa gift exchange at work yesterday, and all I can say is that my Santa did a great job: he or she got me a gift certificate to somewhere pretty amazing. I decided to use it right away, went out immediately after work before I got on the bus, and ended up with lots of silk. Pardon the drying rack in the photos, but this was the only sunny spot in our place when I took the pictures:

Artfibers Casanova, enough to make a me-size sweater:


And Artfibers Velo, enough for a scarf:


After 13 years at their location on Sutter Street, the nice folks at Artfibers in San Francisco are closing their storefront on January 24, 2009 and will transition to mail order only. If you’re a local knitter, get yourself in there soon if you want to ogle the goodies. Some of the yarns are on sale, ranging from 10% to 30% off. After 1/24, they’ll hold an open house from time to time so you can fondle the yarns but you’ll need to be on their email list to know when and where those will be. I haven’t bought much yarn lately but I felt compelled to go quite a bit above and beyond my gift certificate when I saw those cones sitting on the shelf yesterday.

I see it has once again been more than a week since I last posted. Last weekend it rained (and hailed) so we stayed in and kept both busy and warm with the oven:






Obviously, I had no knitting time last weekend. 🙂