Due to a file fix gone horribly awry last Sunday evening, I was without my computer for a full week. Augh! It’s odd how dependent a lot of us are on our electronic friends and it turns out I’m one of them. The worst part was that I had not backed up my data in a month. I’m usually better than that. But after finding a roundabout way to recover my data using extra computer equipment at work and being forced to reinstall Windows afresh, I found my computer still had all my data. Go figure. Had I known that, I could have had it back the same day it went down. I backed up right away and now I am able to share this with you (pardon the drying rack again):

Felted Christmas Tree

O, Christmas Tree…

The Kneedler knew we couldn’t have a real tree in the house this year, so she knitted, felted, and decorated a lovely substitute for us. Pretty, huh? I’m certain this is her handspun yarn, too. One of the packages a relative sent Mr. MmmYarn had some fluffy fabric fake snow so I put that under the tree and it looks pretty.

Our local TV station started carrying Knitting Daily TV a few weeks ago and this week I got to see my Famous Shawl, the one I shipped to them back in July, on TV. If you’re looking for it, it’s toward the end of the “Oh-So-Fine” episode.

2008 is winding down and I am still weaving in ends on the Apres Surf Hoodie (nearly every ball of yarn had a knot in it). I really want to finish this in 2008 and I just might make it but you’ll need to wait until 2009 for glamour photos. I also unraveled my Rockstar socks that went on our vacation with us (cuff too big, foot too small); sock #1 is at the heel already. And I recovered all the photos we took of Mystery Stole 4 so I’ll try to reveal those this week, time permitting. It’s going to be a busy week, even with 3 days off work.

Back to catching up on some blog reading.