Yesterday I got inspired to stash-bust a little and wove a scarf, the whole thing in only one day. It always amazes me how quickly weaving goes as opposed to knitting: Mr. MmmYarn helped me warp on using his currently unused rigid heddle loom just before noon and after about 4 hours of weaving off and on throughout the afternoon I had a scarf. Here is the weaving in progress:


I used a bunch of yarns that have been in the stash since 2001, left over from a sweater. The stash dive was interesting and inspiring. Mr. MmmYarn saw it all spread out yet again. Yes, I allow him to see it. Knitter’s Review this week made me grin, saying this about bringing out one’s entire stash: “If you live with others, choose a day when nobody else is around to witness the gluttony. This needs to be a private moment.” I reveled in the gluttony and it felt great to use up these oddballs. Mr. MmmYarn knows the yarn makes me happy so he said nothing. What a great guy!

I threw the finished scarf in the hot washer this morning to full it and this is what I have now:


Warp: Brown Sheep Nature Spun worsted weight, 100% wool, color N91 (Aran)
Weft: Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride, 85% wool, 15% mohair; Bulky: color M-10 (Crème); Worsted: color M-140 (Aran), color M-135 (April Green), color M-14 (Sunburst Gold), color M-125 (Imperial Yellow), color M-110 (Orange You Glad)
Sett: 10 epi
Finished size: 8.5″ wide x 64″ long including fringe

I didn’t measure any of the weft yarns, simply pulled off varying lengths and ended rows whenever I felt like it. Usually I naturally end up doing a very exact repeating stripe pattern; this is the first time I managed a true random pattern without thinking about it. The fact that the work gets rolled away out of sight every 6 inches or so really helps with randomness.


I tied the tips of all the fringe with thin cotton thread before fulling and this kept the fringe separated while it went through the washer. Afterward, I trimmed the longer fringe down to match the shorter and removed the thread from the shorter fringe with a seam ripper, then ironed the scarf to remove washer wrinkles. All in all, I like it.

We rang in the new year well. We stayed home and made Indian food: Balti chicken and a cauliflower curry, served with one of our special bottles of Ledson wine and followed by leftover Christmas cookies and Mayo dessert wine. I managed to stay up until midnight while we watched the NYC ball drop but collapsed into bed very shortly thereafter. Mr. MmmYarn is hardier than I and stayed up a few more hours. Right now he’s in the kitchen, working away at a Corsican beef stew for tonight’s dinner and insisting on giving me a break from housework.