…and all I got was this giant pile of yarn and fiber:


Added 3/7/2009: I input the yarn purchases into my stash spreadsheet this morning. The yarn above is 4.3 miles of future knitting fun.

As usual, I brought cash and, as usual, spent it all. Although this year I could only attend one day so I was forced to spend my money in one day. Wheeee! I had such a great time chatting up strangers about knitted items they were wearing. There was a small child in a Koolhaas hat who was also wearing a handmade sweater and I think socks, too. There was a woman in a fabulous Jade Starmore vest and I can’t remember the name of the design now, but believe me, it was impressive. I saw a couple of Clapotis shawls/scarves and lots of February Lady Sweaters. That FLS seemed to be the design of SW2009. Mine appeared to be the only Apres Surf Hoodie and since it’s such a brilliant green, my friend had no trouble finding me halfway through the day.

I have noticed vendors usually bring their flashiest, best-selling yarns and tools to Stitches West. It makes sense from a retail space perspective, from trying to cram as many potential sales as possible into a small space, but it meant I didn’t find some basics. For example, I found Cascade 220 only at Yarn Barn of Kansas and nowhere else. I was actually looking for Cascade 220 Superwash and didn’t find it so I gave up and indulged in other purchases.

Such as one little skein of qiviuk (if that’s not the equivalent of knitting hedonism, I don’t know what is) and a little zippered bag from local vendor Papalotl Productions. Her bag selection was outstanding; I really liked how she chose different but coordinating fabrics for the linings. Here is what I took home:


Notable vendor absences for me this year, since I had things on my “to buy” list for them, were La Lana Wools and Honey Lane Farms. Philosopher’s Wool also wasn’t there.

The two braids of fiber at the bottom of the upper photo as well as the purple sock yarn in about the middle are from a vendor I don’t remember having seen before, Creatively Dyed Yarn. The sock yarn colorways she had were fantastic and I had a hard time settling on just the one. The fiber is 20% milk protein, 20% sea cell, and 60% wool and both feels and smells wonderful. I am looking forward to working with it. I had no retail resistance to spinning fiber at all even though I told myself no fiber this year. But I don’t feel the least bit guilty for having broken that promise.

My last purchase was two large skeins of Brooks Farm purple Riata, pictured in the bottom left. It feels so nice that I wore it around my neck for a few minutes. The good news is that at Stitches West, that’s hardly considered unusual behavior.

Off to knit some more!