Mr. MmmYarn is ready to terrorize not his dreams, but the neighborhood when he steps out in his stylish helmet:


His head will not be green. Presumably.

Pattern: based on Baby Brunhilde Hat by Sarah Fama for Bella Knitting, but I modified it a lot
Yarn: Hat + Wings: Universal Yarn Dolce Merino, 50% merino wool, 50% microfiber, 1.2 skeins color 441 (charcoal gray) and a little bit of color 402 (whisper white); Braids: Cascade 220, 100% wool, color 9463
Needles: size 4
Size: adult
Started 3/9 and finished 3/14/2009

Modifications, modifications. Well, first, this pattern is for a hat for a baby girl so I sized it up for an adult man. A change in yarn meant a change in needle sizes, and I had to change the stitch count to make it all work. Mr. MmmYarn likes a brim on his hats so I worked the rivets section opposite from how it’s written in the pattern, in purl, with the bobbles in knit, then made a turning row to create the brim. We had four trying-on sessions, the first three of which resulted in size rejection, so I got to make those bobbles four times. The bobbles on this go are the best yet:


Here’s how I worked them: knit into front, back, then front of 1 stitch, purl these 3 stitches, knit them, purl them again, then slip 1, knit 2 together, pass slipped stitch over. That last bit made for a much neater finish than knit 3 together (or purl 3 together, as the original pattern stated). On round 14 I knitted the cast-on round together with the live stitches, fastening the fold-up brim neatly in place. My last modification was to work a double-decrease on 4 points for the crown, creating more of a helmet look in my opinion. The wings and the braids I worked as written.

Mr. MmmYarn is happy with it, although it is startling to see my husband in braids. From a distance they look real.

* Today’s Viking quote brought to you by Ralph Wiggum.