You take a hippo head:


And add a hippo body:


Plus some other necessary parts:


Add it up, and you get:


Wait, that’s not right. That’s not right at all. Hmm. Let’s see… head bone connected to body bone connected to leg bones… How about this?


I found some buttons for eyes and some ingeo stuffing and the half-head is now rather cute:


But I haven’t sewn her all together yet, so no photos. Plus the body looks oddly small compared to the legs (my gauge is not the same as in the pattern) so I unraveled last night and am adding some body rows. The short ballet skirt only needs the elastic in the waistband at this point, but here’s what I had back when I took photos:


And I’ve been quite distracted lately because we were working on various non-knitting projects. This is the one I can share. Voila, the new addition* to our household:


*The car is the new addition, not Mr. MmmYarn. He elected to drive it home.