We hear from Mr. MmmYarn’s sister that our 2-year-old niece enjoys Bee Movie and uses the expression “thinking bee” relatively often so I came up with a design to help her in this when the mood strikes:


Pattern: own
Yarn: Universal Yarn, Inc. Dolce Merino; 50% fine merino, 50% microfiber; half a skein color 442 (black) and half a skein color 404 (freesia)
Needles: size 4 for the hat, size 2 for the i-cord antennae
Size: toddler
Started 3/30 and finished 4/6/2009

This is the same yarn I used for Mr. MmmYarn’s Viking hat a few weeks ago so I was able to simply launch right into the hat. I hope the recipient enjoys it. She leans towards pinks and purples in her usual wardrobe but to be able to properly think bee you must reach for black and yellow.

Socks for Mr. MmmYarn are bus knitting, and since I missed several days of work last week, there is not much progress: