There is nothing in my bag yet, seeing as it’s just under about halfway done today. This is what the Net Duffel Bag looked like on Saturday:


That is the base plus the beginning of the sides. Each little square is knitted separately (16 squares in the base) and you can only knit two base squares before having to cut the yarn. Once you get up into the side tiers, the instructions have you putting the one remaining stitch of each square on a holder. I was confused by this (uh… it didn’t tell me to split any skeins into smaller skeins) and have been cutting my strand after each square. As you can see, I have been weaving in ends as I go; otherwise, I see myself suffering from a fit of denial of finishing when it’s done and it will be relegated to the hibernation pile. Anyway, tonight I think I will knit a square, rip it out, and measure how much yarn it took. Then I’ll calculate how many squares in each eighth of the circumference and cut off however many yards I need for those 6 or so squares that can technically be worked from a single strand. It will save me some weaving.

In the pattern, each square is numbered. How on earth to keep track of all those little modules? This is my solution to that quandary:


I pinned numbers to each completed square. As soon as it was enclosed on all four sides by adjacent squares, I removed its pin. This technique is working quite well. I am on square 36 of 70+, then there’s the border and handle. There is a way to go yet.

I like how the diagonal lines match up:


Extremely windy and hard to photograph, this was, hence the bizarre horizon.