No real Yarn People here, but perhaps if there were any, they would be made with this yarn I spun recently that I’ve named “Leela and Fry”. Bright, isn’t it?


Fiber: 100% merino
Supplier: Carolina Homespun
Quantity: 8 ounces (4 ounces of each color)
Finished yarn:
– 1 skein of 4-ply at 11 wpi (= worsted), 401 yards
– 1 skein of 3-ply at 14 wpi (=double knitting), 30 yards
– 1 skein of 2-ply at 15 wpi (=sport), 37 yards
Spun at 15:1 and plied at 7:1
Started 7/30/2008 and finished 2/8/2009

More than 6 months for this? Really? Good gravy, I am slow! Not to mention waiting, ahem, nearly 3 months before getting it off the bobbins. But then again, I do not have a lot of spinning time since I don’t drag the wheel with me on the bus. Nor is there usually enough individual space to break out the drop spindle in one of those seats.

This was a plain merino, easy to draft and easy to spin. The only remarkable thing was that I made a 4-ply worsted, exactly as I intended. No, it’s not as even as if it were machine made (although I know that is physically possible as I have seen a lot of photographic evidence) but it works for me.

Extreme close up!