Somehow I thought a new baby sweater would take me at least a few weeks. Sometimes they take me a few months. But not this time. On Tuesday night I swatched. By Friday I had finished the back of the sweater:


Tonight (Sunday), it’s already looking like this:


And it’s not like I spent huge blocks of time just knitting over the weekend. We had our usual weekend errands. We cooked and we made little honey cakes. We went for walks in the park both days. Yesterday I briefly re-created Old Faithful in our very own bathroom: why, oh why, did the instructions for the replacement toilet valve not say to turn off the water source before step 1? Or even in step 1? Thank goodness Mr. MmmYarn ran as fast as he did when I hollered; saved me some major mopping. And my repair worked just fine after the geyser ceased. I helped him warp on for a new scarf today. We called our moms (did you?). We went yarn shopping (in the interest of full disclosure… the trip was for Mr. MmmYarn so he could replenish his weaving stash, but I bought some too, of course). All of these little things add up to a big list of things we did, yet this weekend was easy and actually relaxing and the baby sweater, another little thing, just flowed into being. Perhaps it was the size 6 needles, huge compared to what I’ve been using recently, that made this one such a joy.

If the sweater is dry tomorrow, I can seam it and knit the collar. Yeehaw.