Summer is nearly here and San Francisco had warm weather over the weekend to prove it. The heat Saturday meant I wasn’t up for knitting, plus knitting is one of the slower yarn-related activities as far as using up one’s stash is concerned (weaving goes far faster when dealing with worsted weight yarn), and we recently bought a small folding rigid heddle loom (the Schacht Flip) that begged to be tried out and Mr. MmmYarn insisted I try out first, so try it out I did:


Warping on uses a satisfying quantity of yarn and I’m getting rid of the sort of weird Dijon-mustard-yellow heather yarn and turning it into something very autumnal.

Sunday was Bay to Breakers and the temperatures were well into the 80s. I did not envy this person in the Santa suit in the least:


I hope Santa recovered with a cold beer at the end of his walk. Yesterday and today S.F. went back to its old foggy, chilly self.