I am very busy cleaning out closets and drawers in preparation for an eventual move and in my rummaging I found two children’s sweaters knitted by my great-grandmother. It’s time to go back 30 years!

My mom’s grandmother flew across the big ocean to visit us in the United States only once, back in 1979 in the weeks before my little brother was born. Now, I’ve never had children, but I can just imagine the fortitude it takes for an expectant mother to go to Disneyland in August less than 2 weeks before her baby is born. My mother did, though, although I doubt she rode the Matterhorn. In between doing touristy stuff and in the weeks after my brother was born, Oma had a lot of time to kill in the house and, fortunately, Thrifty Drug Store had a lot of acrylic yarn. She knitted us a great big afghan for the sofa. And also some little sweaters.

Here’s mine:


That strip on the bottom where the maroon stripe is especially wide and a little off-kilter is the extension. She knitted the sweater to an appropriate length for me, then knitted a separate extension and left that with my mother, who sewed it on sometime in the future so I’d get more wear out of the sweater.

My new little brother got an ensemble:


The hat is formed with garter stitch short rows. The ties on the sweater’s side were to narrow it to fit him when he was a little too small for it and to allow for growth as he approached growing out of it. I have to say Oma could really make a mean tassel and cord.

I’m rather disappointed that there isn’t any avocado or true harvest gold here but perhaps that is for the best.