What I should be doing tonight is sticking more price stickers on items for my yard sale coming up this Saturday. Finally having set a date means there is actually a sense of urgency to doing something with the very large pile of stuff that has taken over our office / project room. Tonight, though, I would rather work on this hat (photo from a couple of days ago) that is using up some scrap sock yarn and a skein of the KnitPicks yarn I bought last week:


I was getting up every few rounds to price another half a box of stuff but now I got sucked into Bloglines and remembered I had more little stuff to show you here. See, if I post here, I’m not a total procrastinator tonight. Mmm… rationalizing.

My brother’s daughter turns one year old next week. This completely escaped my notice until last week so I made her a little Brittany Jumper that’s almost done. It went for a walk in the park with me over to the small waterfall:


I do wonder whether the skirt part is long enough. I trekked around for 3 hours on Sunday and again an hour yesterday looking for an off-white t-shirt for a small person, unsuccessful all the way. I finally found a white onesie that is really long compared to the dress. I made the skirt part an inch longer than the pattern dictated but the onesie sticks out the bottom quite a ways. I’ll take them both to my little knitting circle at work tomorrow for a second opinion on the length of the dress. But white… I really wanted off-white. We fiber artists never let something as basic as the wrong color get us down, right? So last night, instead of continuing to price yard sale items, I boiled up some English Breakfast Tea and dyed the onesie:


It’s now a good off-white. All the websites I looked at yesterday told me tea dyeing yields blotchy results but I don’t see blotches at all. I’ll take it out in the sunshine tomorrow to check. I plan to embroider some little lazy daisy stitches on the sleeves using the same yarn as in the dress. Thank goodness Lilli is too young to know it’s her birthday because I have a feeling this gift will be late.

And since this week’s theme was small things, I’ll show off the scarf that is my current bus knitting:


The green colors barely show up in the photo, but trust me, they’re there. All right, back to the stickers.

Edited to add: I just learned Worldwide Spin in Public day is September 19, the same day as International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Can you say YAAARRRRN?