Uff, it has been a busy week. I did hold my yard sale (or, since I’m lacking a front yard, a “sidewalk out in front of the building” sale) on Saturday morning. In the rain. I checked the weather report at 7pm Friday and Saturday was still predicted to be sunny. I woke up in the night to the pitter-patter of the gigantically scary thunder of the first real storm we’ve had in years. But when my friend phoned me in the morning and said she was game if I was, we went for it. The sale was successful in that I have less Stuff and some cash for Stitches West but I wouldn’t say the payoff in terms of money for my time was worth it. I also somehow knotted up my calf muscles going up and down the stairs (I live on the 3rd floor) 40-ish times and spent Sunday and yesterday gimping along like a  Frankenstein monster. Today I have recuperated to more of a cautious Beldar Conehead-like shuffle.

Being somewhat immobile has a few knitterly payoffs. Before Saturday’s sale the piles of yard sale stuff were blocking access to the big closet. This week’s project was to organize the now-accessible closet but it’s dangerous to be on the stepladder with my calves like this, so I sit and stretch my calf muscles while I have plenty of time to knit. The brown-based hat is done:


Pattern: own
Yarn: leftover Opal color 124 (faux Isle) held together with about 3/5 of a skein KnitPicks Stroll color 23697 (brown), both 75% superwash wool, 25% nylon
Needles: size 4
Size: Adult average to large
Started 9/6 and finished 9/11/2009

The little Brittany Jumper you saw the other day needed to be longer, so Saturday evening I ripped out the bodice. I had to use scissors to cut off the straps because I had done such a fantastic (read: neurotic) job of weaving in those little cotton ends. Added another 1.25 inches in length and re-knit the bodice and wove in the ends Sunday morning before I hobbled down to the Laundromat. The dress took to machine washing and drying just like a store-bought cotton garment, how about that? See:


Pattern: Brittany Jumper by Jil Eaton, as published in Minnowknits, Too
Yarn: Tahki Cotton Classic, color 3486 (bright coral) and color 3476 (peach), 100% mercerized cotton, probably about 1.5 skeins each
Buttons: JHB #21088 (Beatrix Potter Collection)
Needles: size 5
Size: 18 months
Started 9/1 and finished 9/15/2009

I made several alterations to the pattern. First off, stripes instead of solid. Next, I worked one purl round before starting the lace pattern so it curls less than without that purl round. Size 18 months isn’t in the book so I calculated the middle point in inches between size 1 and 2 and made that. My gauge was 6 instead of 5 stitches to the inch so my stitch count was completely different. And the pattern for size 2 wanted 48″ around. That’s just plain huge; it would swim on me! So I brought it down to 34.5″ around which I thought was plenty for such a little kid. I knitted the bodice as published. I worked crab stitch around all bodice edges at knitting group on Monday night and tonight got right to embroidering the little tea-dyed onesie’s sleeves as soon as I walked in the door so I could get finished photos in daylight.

I really like the buttons I found and am very proud of my freehand butterfly:


Tomorrow I need to get this off in the mail. The birthday girl’s 1st birthday is tomorrow but the party isn’t until Saturday so this should get there in time for present-opening. The cotton is perfect for her as she lives in southern California where you don’t really need wool.

My potholder mystery yarn swatch hit the washer and dryer, too, and I can report it must be acrylic. It survived washing and drying with nary a change in gauge.