If you, too, are tired of spending money on so-called disposable cleaning products, knit yourself a rectangle!


Pattern: none (just garter stitch back and forth)
Yarn: Lion Brand Homespun, 96% acrylic, 2% polyester, color 350 (Elizabethan)
Needles: size 9
Size: just right
Started and finished 9/19/2009 (half a movie)

I know you’re in suspense as to what this rectangle might be used for. I present to you:


No, I didn’t clean our roof. But I wanted a nice, bright photo and this was the best location. This was a great project for using up that last bit of Homespun. I always feel guilty throwing away those white fluffy things after one use, simply because I know throwing something away doesn’t mean it disappears. This I can at least re-use for quite some time.

Moving on to household hint #2: If you have company coming and you like your knitting projects strewn about regardless of said company’s arrival, try to match your projects as closely as possible to other things you have lying around:


I feel the place looks neater already.