Today’s post title is courtesy of the creator of Savage Chickens, who kindly commented on my 10/13/2009 post. This is a great badass name for the tools of my trade!

So, behold, I give you my collection of yarn impalers. I feel I should display them in a more threatening manner, given their new moniker. Perhaps with the points up.


Yes, photo is staged with extraneous files/papers/fiber/yarn removed to influence my readers’ opinion of me. Desk is never this neat.

I haven’t used the 14″-long straights in so long that I considered unloading them at my yard sale. Didn’t, obviously. The 10″ ones still come in handy. I use them when working on small back-and-forth projects with yarns that slide off the ends of the Addi Turbos in an annoying manner and only when not on the bus. Lots of criteria there, hence not much use. Although the hand spindles you see don’t get used much I’m not about to let go of those.

The circulars and double-points get the most use and I store them in zippered binder pouches, labeled by size, that I hooked together with rings. This arrangement folds flat to slide under my side of the sofa:


Looking at this photo all I can think of is Barney Gumble and his “Number 8” album he recorded after leaving The Be Sharps. Ha!

The Peacock Feathers Shawl is finished but hasn’t gone swimming yet. Here’s the proof:


Also going this week is a secret project for someone who views my Flickr feed so I can’t take a proper photo. Here’s a peek:


All I can say is this is not socks.