Yup, right now, as I write this, this is what’s happening in the apartment:


It’s big. 78″ across the top and 56″ down each side. I will need to buy more of those blocking mats because these are sliding around on the floor. That’s one set of 9 that I bought from KnitPicks a couple of months ago. I don’t think I mentioned it at the time but they smelled strongly of those chalky candy Valentine hearts, the ones that have little words on them, when I got them and I had to leave them out to air for a week before I could use them. They still smell a little but I only notice it now when I’m crawling around them and bending down to stab them with pins. Crawling around on those is infinitely more comfortable than crawling around the bulletin board I’ve used in the past.

Look at those feathers!


It’s warm-ish today (65 degrees in here) so it should dry by afternoon. I’ll go charge the camera’s batteries now so I can do a photo shoot in the park later.

Yesterday I read a knitting blog that listed some of the kooky and amusing search terms folks used to find her blog. I thought that was interesting and looked at my blog’s statistics and let’s just say anyone who searches for those terms and finds my blog is going to be sorely disappointed. The bulk of them are not knitting-related and most are not for a PG-13 or even R audience. How on earth I’m a hit for those terms is beyond me. But I think you see it in the statistics even if you’re hit number 2,382,489 and no one’s ever going to browse down that far in a search engine.