Noro yarn gets me every time.


I sit at home surrounded by a sea of WIPs and all I can work on is what is supposed to be my bus knitting, what is supposed to be reserved for the commute when I have to keep my elbows tucked in and my project small and easy.


With Noro, it’s not just the color changes that suck me in, but the fact that the colors aren’t solid. There are flecks and streaks of mint green and hot pink in the blue, of orange and blue in the salmon, of yellow and orange in the transition from blue to pink again.


There’s also the anticipation of not knowing which color you’ll get next. That electric yellow, for example, that I can see on the outside of the skein and know is in there somewhere, hasn’t made it into a stripe yet.


Part of the reason for abandoning that large pile of WIPs is that my brain is so unfocused. I thought it would be better now than it was a few months ago but it isn’t. It’s just as bad and on some days even worse. I focus at work, because I have to, then when I get home I do the basic tasks: opening the mail, thinking about what to cook for dinner (or not), paying bills. Then I watch TV and knit, taking frequent breaks to obsessively check my email and Bloglines. He isn’t going to email and he isn’t going to post to his blog and he isn’t going to walk in the door even though all his stuff is here, and I really need my brain to grasp that fact and let me get on with normal.

So I knit on something simple, something my brain can handle.


Just garter stitch with a row of dropped yarn overs thrown in for kicks. Simple and mesmerizing.