One of the ladies in my knitting group held a bonus session at her house today. She is the same person I am giving the hats to and said patients have commented the Chinchilla hats work great as sleeping hats, so I’m glad I made them.

The get-together was the post-Christmas cookie party, held with the intention of guests consuming many of the host’s remaining holiday cookies. What a great idea! I spent my time there eating my share of the cookies and casting on for the Bird on a Wire hat [Ravelry link]. The beginning is slow going so there’s not much to see yet:


Behind the hat is one of the two bobbin lace doilies I bought in Belgium when we were on our honeymoon. I put them both under the glass surface of my desk so I can have a nice reward whenever I clear off my desk. It’s an infrequent reward.  🙂

I found the big camera’s battery yesterday afternoon. Now to learn to use it properly.