In my cleanup this summer I ran across 3 dishcloths that a knitter friend had made me, that I remember I tucked away because they were “too nice to use.” How silly. I expect that people use my knitted gifts, so why wouldn’t I use hers? Those dishcloths are seeing heavy action now and I realized since I like to switch them out every few days I don’t have enough to make it to laundry day. So I made two more:


Pattern: own (garter stitch and yarn overs)
Yarn: 2 skeins Crystal Palace Yarns Monterey, 100% mercerized cotton, color 188
Needles: size 5
Size: perfect
Started 1/5 and finished 1/12/2010

Really, it doesn’t get easier than this. I unraveled each ball and marked the halfway point with a knot, then started knitting. Once I reached the knot I started the decreases. I have approximately 6 inches of yarn tails after weaving. How very economical.

Speaking of Monterey (you did notice the yarn is called Monterey, right?), I went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium with a friend last Saturday. I still haven’t learned to use the SLR camera so I brought along the little point-and-shoot. Big mistake. Since you can’t use a flash and the animals are moving, most of my water-animal photos look like this:


(I believe there are 4 leafy sea dragons in that photo). Or like these seahorses:


A couple of leafy sea dragons held mostly still long enough for this (thanks, guys!):


As with all my photos, click to see them embiggened*

The jellyfish photos make you question whether your eyes are working, hence unpublishable. The birds were better lit and held still once they settled on a position but kept changing position with no warning. They’d be looking at me while I positioned the camera and adjusted the zoom, then turn their heads, apparently camera shy, once I snapped the photo:


Sigh. Wildlife photography is clearly not in my immediate future. So much for a career change.

The secret fuchsia little pullover I’ve flashed here a few times is nearing completion. It’s only 3 months late. Let’s hope the recipient hasn’t experienced a growth spurt.

* As spoken by Jedediah Springfield. It’s the most cromulent word I know.