The Jolly Green Giant will not get his socks because I have unraveled and started again, this time using a modified version of Little Arrowhead Lace, a pattern that I have also seen called Gull Wings. The sock and I went to the park today and looked at the garden of absent dahlias:


It was warm today, I’d say close to 70 even though the forecast was for 62. And there I was inappropriately warmly dressed because it was still only 61 indoors so I assumed it was colder outside and I couldn’t take off my sweater because what I was wearing under my shirt didn’t work. Sloppy dressing, even on the weekend, isn’t a good idea. So I took my 1.5-hour walk and took a shady break a couple of times to admire all the turtles out in every body of water. I only saw one turtle swimming; the rest were all sunning themselves on rocks and logs. They are probably just as happy as I am for a break in the rain. There was a huge crowd buying tickets outside the Academy of Sciences today so I didn’t go in. I was really looking forward to sitting and knitting in front of the coral reef tank but I don’t like to go when it’s super-crowded. Ah, well. Next time.

The sock and I walked over to see the poppies more closely instead:


Then we went home and relaxed with a beer and watched the biathlon and luge events on TV.