Today was all about errands and dough. Besides the usual weekend errands I ran an extra one to pick up buttons for the fuchsia sweater that I finally, finally did the finishing work on this morning and heel reinforcement thread for my socks in progress. Here’s the sweater, unblocked, with buttons not yet sewn on:


The pink and purple buttons ImagiKnit had didn’t quite work so I went with yellow ones that pop nicely. And even though Stitches West is next week and I’m saving my money for that, I ended up not leaving the shop without a bit of yarn. It went with me to the bank and the library, then posed for this photo:


That’s Malabrigo Lace for those of you who were wondering.

I realize you’ve been seeing a lot of green, blue, and brown projects here lately. I didn’t even notice I was doing this until I saw all my projects lined up in Ravelry. So for a change of color, I’ll show you the little socks that also got done this week:


Pattern: own (I cast on 28 for the smaller sock and 36 for the larger one, then made a sock)
Yarn: Zitron Trekking XXL Sport, 75% wool, 25% nylon, color 1454
Needles: US size 1
Size: infant and bigger infant
Started 1/29 and finished 2/11/2010

There rest of today was devoted to dough. I turned out a loaf of shredded wheat whole wheat bread and made dough logs for chocolate cookies rolled in pistachios and rum spice cookies:


I plan to bake them tomorrow. I have no idea what possessed me to make so many cookies this weekend but they freeze and keep well so it’s not a problem. The chocolate ones are supposed to be sandwich cookies with a chocolate frosting between them but for the sake of my girlish figure I think I’ll stick with plain cookies. Plus I’ll have twice as many that way. 🙂

Tonight I have to work on my Stitches West homework. It won’t take very long.