I went to Stitches West last weekend after all. For a few weeks I wasn’t sure whether I would actually go. This was my first big non-family social event since Mr. MmmYarn died and I was oddly nervous, so nervous that I had lots of trouble sleeping for nearly 3 weeks and sometimes even had panic attacks at the thought of going. I did, however, pre-pay for my Friday class and saved up the cash to go and filled out a pink form for using a vacation day, all well in advance, providing great incentive. So I packed up my suitcase Thursday night and told myself no backing out.

For as much shopping time as I had, I didn’t get much loot. Friday I was in class all day except for the lunch break, during which I dropped off my donation for Afghans for Afghans and met up with a few friends in the Market and ate lunch with another friend. There wasn’t time for buying yarn.

Class was good. I took Lapland Hand Garments with Susanna Hansson. Here is a preview of what I made in class, one worsted-weight practice wristlet in the traditional colors for Rovaniemi mittens that I will probably use as a tea glass cozy and the actual wristlet on size US 00 needles, still in progress:


Friday evening after the Market closed I headed to my friend’s house in San Jose. Other friends of ours came up from San Luis Obispo and we all went out to dinner, then had an evening of knitting before hitting the hay.

Saturday we spent all day in the Market. And I was so very good with all that temptation. I go with the cash-in-an-envelope method, to avoid the late March shock of a big Visa bill. Saturday night was wild and crazy: giant salad for dinner plus red wine and chocolate, followed by knitting. Sunday I went for the 1pm drawing (didn’t win) and bought a little more yarn.

So this is it, the 2010 pile of loot:


Click for big.

You’ll notice the complete absence of spinning fiber. While I saw lots that was simply gorgeous, I don’t spin much right now. Instead, I went at little nuts at the Creatively Dyed Yarns booth and bought 6 skeins (pictured top center and bottom right) with the intent of making 2 baby blankets. The first is underway, pictured here on top of a washer at the Laundromat Monday night:


And I also got some great shawl pins that I want to use after I make White Lies Designs’ Colette Cardigan with the green Brooks Farm yarn pictured in the upper left corner.


All in all, a good time.

Today I went to the California Academy of Sciences to admire the butterflies, fish, various sea creatures, albino alligator Claude (who yawned — what a big mouth he has!), and penguins. Then I went out to lunch alone for the first time. I brought a book and went to Jannah, a Middle Eastern restaurant. It’s very good — if you live here, I recommend it highly. I had dolmas and a pizza with little hunks of sausage on it. My one quibble is the music. I suppose if you’re dining with at least one other person and therefore conversing you don’t notice it’s the same song played on a 45-second loop. Dining alone, it’s annoying. And I’m not kidding about the loop: I timed it.