I took today off work to try to regroup a bit mentally and found it’s actually warm outside. So I went for a short walk in the park and it felt so strange to not need a sweater or jacket. While I was out, I noticed a lot of green on the other folks out and about. All the kids in a large school group outside the Conservatory of Flowers were wearing shamrocks. Aha, mystery solved. I had completely forgotten today is St. Patrick’s Day. I did not wear green but last night’s and this morning’s knitting were a swatch for the Colette Cardigan [Ravelry link] with the Brooks Farm Four Play:


Dark and horrible photo despite the sunshine streaming in. Yarn is quite lovely in real life.

See, you don’t need to pinch me, it’s green! It’s also a nice, big swatch. I optimistically cast on the entire width of the back and worked the first 6 inches so I could see what the yarn does. It goes so quickly on size 8 needles; my other current projects are on sizes 1 and 4. Since it’s warm inside, too, (75 degrees!) I washed the swatch and am letting it dry to see what the blocked gauge is. It will probably actually dry today instead of in 4 or 5 days. While I wait for that, I set up my Excel worksheet that will recalculate all the numbers in the pattern. All I have to do once it’s dry is to re-measure, then stick my stitch gauge in cell C12 and my row gauge in cell D12 and I’ll have my calculations all the way through. I just hope I have enough yarn for this one.

Speaking of enough yarn, I most certainly do NOT have enough to magic a baby blanket out of the Creatively Dyed Yarn Fatima. This is what I have:


It’s 36″ wide, about standard width for a baby blanket. But only 5″ tall with the current tier unfinished and I stuck the remaining yarn on the scale and learned I have used over a third of it already. Unless someone near and dear delivers a baby snake (unlikely, right?), this isn’t going to work. I also don’t want to buy 4 more balls of this yarn because I don’t want to make a $200 blanket. Back to the drawing board. The yarn is wonderful, so perhaps a little kimono-style cardigan.

Socks are coming along slowly, with lots of cursing as I re-knit the heel of sock one 3 times trying to get it the right width to fit me:


I stuck my name in an online anagram generator a long time ago and learned my first name rearranges to spell REKNITS. Fitting, isn’t it? I guess I was destined to be a perfectionist knitter.