What is the point of carefully arranging the fruit on an almond torte


when it sinks as though into quicksand while baking?


It was still very tasty. đŸ™‚

I brought the torte along with me when I visited my parents over Independence Day. My mom and I went to the new NordicMart yarn shop in San Luis Obispo where I got this with the intent of making hat and bootie sets:


And she also gave me the yarn she bought on her recent trip to Germany so I could make her more socks:


She called me when she was on her trip telling me she got yarn and that it was more interesting than the socks I’ve given her so far, not so much brown. She had a cheery tone but was completely serious. Um, yeah. She went with me to ImagiKnit to pick out the yarn for the other socks I made her!

The socks will all have plain stockinette feet. I’m thinking Jaywalker tops for one of the Weekend Color skeins and something textured for the pink. I’ll see what inspiration hits when I get to the second Weekend Color.