I had never heard of Urban Fauna Studio until last week, when I saw a gentleman in Golden Gate Park sitting with his drum carder and a bag filled with an entire llama fleece. Of course I had to talk to him and in the conversation, he told me about this place. I figured I’d go there someday.

Today happens to be their 2-year anniversary sale. I gave in to temptation. 🙂

Goodies from Urban Fauna Studio

The fiber is handpainted by The Spun Monkey. It’s Falklands wool, a breed I’m unfamiliar with but which from what I’ve read fits the bill for Urban Fauna Studio’s focus on “ecologically and socially considerate manufacturing processes” (to quote their website). Plus it’s pretty.

The yarn is dyed by Girl on the Rocks and is a merino and tencel blend in the Pewter colorway. It looks purple in the photo but is actually a silvery gray with purple and changes color as you rotate it in your hand. Very lovely stuff.