Sock pair #3 for my mom is not cooperating. I started with a slipped stitch pattern that never even made it to the first couple of inches. Then I tried something else, then I tried entrelac. This is take 2 of entrelac:

Entrelac in the round

Then came takes 3 and 4. It turns out that while entrelac in the round is super easy, it stretches so much laterally that the leg is a whole lot bigger than the ribbing. I was down to 48 stitches and it was still too big, plus a friend of mine mentioned she made entrelac socks and they didn’t stay up, so I unraveled again and started over yet once more Saturday with something completely different.

Here is the start of a Nixen-Socke:


Picture taken on a moving bus, hence blurriness.

In other knitting news, I started the Ode to Joy jacket this weekend. In my swatch I got gauge (6 stitches per inch) with size 3 needles but 40″ around is too big for me so I went down to size 2 needles and launched into the project. I made square 1 and blocked it. The dry square was 7.5 stitches to the inch, making a sweater about 32″ around. Grrr. I wish there were a size 2.5 needle.


Once it dried, the gauge tightened up even more, to 8 stitches per inch, so I’m going back to size 3 needles and counting on the shrinking phenomenon to make this sweater fit.

Unraveling was a real pain, took nearly 3 hours. Square 1 is now back to square one. Notice I was prepared for this eventuality and didn’t cut the strands as I worked.

Today is Labor Day and I have the day off and I am grateful for it. It’s warm out. Where I live, our few weeks of summer weather start after Labor Day, after the summer months of heavy fog are past.