Yesterday was Worldwide Spin in Public Day, which they generously extended to a full week of Spin in Public Days. I participated in the event Urban Fauna Studio held in Golden Gate Park today. Lots of spinners braved the misty drizzle and several passers-by, both kids and adults, learned to spin on CD drop spindles.

Here’s me participating, wearing my yarn pirate t-shirt since it’s also Talk Like a Pirate Day today. I’m sitting between the two owners of Urban Fauna Studio; the lady on the far right amazed me with her plying skills on her drop spindle. Yeah, I’m faking spinning at this exact moment here, had to put my shoes back on briefly to hand another participant (sorry, forgot your name already) my camera:


Here is the view from where I was sitting (I got several compliments on my Jaywalker socks):

Where I am today

This is the yarrrn I started (see that? Pirate-speak!), the first ply of an intended 3-ply yarn in 50% merino and 50% silk from A Verb for Keeping Warm:


It was nice to get out and do this although I have to say toting the Lendrum 3 miles round-trip was… well, made this model seem a little less portable than the little wheels everyone at the event had. It’s definitely the furthest I’ve carried it and I think my shoulders will protest tomorrow. Fortunately, I’m at an off-site training this work week instead of at work so I’ll get to rest my muscles sitting in class.