I am making good progress on the Ode to Joy jacket. It involves a lot of color changes, once every 3 to 4 rows for the most part. Here it is so far, both fronts and half of the back complete, with the second back section started:

Ode to Joy

Look, I’m pink and purple.

It’s made with three strands held together and every 3 or 4 rows you switch out one of the strands for the next color. Options are to weave in lots of ends or to spit-splice. I’m going with option 2. I have lots of trouble spit-splicing, have always had this problem. I dampen and rub and rub and rub and it still frequently comes apart. So even though this is garter stitch, it’s not progressing as quickly as I like. I have to stop every few rows to splice and each splice in this project is taking me several minutes to accomplish even though I break the yarns instead of cutting them (fuzzy ends felt together better) and use a sewing needle to sew the new end in and out through the plies of the old one for two inches.

I mentioned this problem in knitting group a couple of weeks ago and a woman who works in a health research-related field says that she learned along the way that different people have different components in their saliva and I must be someone who’s naturally low on glycerin. Then another woman who has tried soap-making said some people put a bit of spit in their soap to make it turn out better. One can only assume the soap is more successful for the folks who have lots of glycerin and not so successful for the others.

Anyway, back to the jacket. Option 1 is still available, of course, but that would mean weaving in 48 ends per section. Let’s do the math here: 8 colors * 3 strands at a time * 2 ends =  48 ends per section and 2 left front sections + 2 right front sections + 2 back sections = 6, and 48 * 6 = 288 ends. This is not counting the ends in the little side panels, the sleeves, the shoulder bits, the buttonband… so I will keep on spit-splicing away.