There is not much to see in the Conservatory Valley yet. Here’s what it looked like on October 20. When I got there, I learned the gardeners had planted the middle bed the day before. The surrounding beds were all empty:




The 10 gardeners worked in teams of two, one is the thrower and the other the planter. The thrower pulls the plants from their plastic trays and throws them into the bed near the planter who plants them. I planted 6 of them, then handed the trowel back to the current head gardener, who designed this layout, because he’s much faster at it than I am. The director of the parks was there and she told me they have only 35 gardeners for all of Golden Gate Park. Amazing.




The plants used in this design are Icelandic poppy and calendula in yellows and oranges. The poppies especially will grow quite large and fill in all the gaps. A couple of the poppies in the middle bed have blooms:



When I left that day, it looked like this:


It was raining last weekend and yesterday so I haven’t gone back to see how it looks now. The flowers won’t be in bloom until about February, they said, with full bloom expected in April and May.

Some of the gardeners are Giants fans!