Walking to work one morning this week, I noticed a festive addition to the parking meter post at one of the corners I passed:

Knitting graffiti on 3rd Street

I started going past it and noticed it wasn’t just the one post, but the parking meters down this whole block of 3rd Street had been knitting-graffitied!

Knitting graffiti on 3rd Street

A few weeks ago, the Wednesday of the week when the Giants won the World Series, I spotted this out the bus window at Union Square:

Even a knitter got involved

Bad taken-out-the-window-of-a-moving-bus-over-someone’s-shoulder-with-a-phone-camera-that-has-no-zoom photo, but if you look hard you will see knitted stripes on the pole in the center.

Now that I’ve seen these others I’m not sure if this Union Square one was Giants-related; the color combination was right but the ones on 3rd Street use the same colors suggesting it might be the same graffiti artist. I guess I have to go back to Union Square to look. The ones on 3rd Street have little signs asking for feedback on a website. I took a photo of one of the signs but its ink had run (rainy day), making it hard to read to begin with, and in the little cell phone photo it’s too blurry to read at all.

All these stripes remind me that I was planning to knit myself some red-and-charcoal striped legwarmers for wear strictly inside the house this winter. Now where did I put that fluffy alpaca yarn?