I couldn’t tell you which I like better, good food or good yarn; they typically run neck and neck. This post is definitely about the food. A friend invited me to her house for Thanksgiving dinner and I volunteered a pie. I went apple-shopping at the farmers’ market Saturday and since this is a new recipe for me I loaded up on twice the apples needed and made a practice pie on Sunday.

Assembling the practice pie

In the past I have turned out some positively abysmal crusts, so bad that I have gone to the grocery store to buy frozen cheater crusts, so having this one work was a nice surprise. It’s the first time I used a food processor to pulse the crust ingredients together.

Practice pie ready for the oven

No pie bird in this household so I made a toothpick tepee instead. It worked just fine!

Mmm... pie

The darn thing needed “a minimum of 4 hours to cool,” plus the household’s chocolate levels were running low, so while I was waiting I made a chocolate chip cake that I took to work Monday to celebrate my 8-year anniversary working there:

Chocolate chip cake

Obligatory photo to prove I also made a proper dinner complete with vegetables. You know, something besides butter and sugar:


Although dessert was crust trimmings with apple bits that didn’t fit in the pie and some roasted chestnuts:


All this activity in the kitchen meant I didn’t get much knitting done over the weekend. This was about it, the start of the Never Wimpy Wimple.

Wimple border

Lace on size 2 needles is time-consuming enough to do during a long pie-cooling window, but I ended up leaving the pie to cool overnight and had a piece for breakfast every morning this week so far.

Mmm... pie

A practice pie has a great advantage in addition to recipe-testing: I get to eat way more (= all) of it (how very gluttonous) than I will of the one shared with a gathering. I hope the one for tomorrow turns out just as nicely as this one did.

Recipe from the “Apple of My Pie” episode of “Good Eats.”