I have been remiss in posting my finished items as of late and Sunday seems to be as good a time as any to get caught up.

Part of the delay is that I told myself no fun stuff on the computer until I figure out some of the household’s computer problems. For the last 3 months, that’s what I’ve been doing evenings and weekends. I got Mr. MmmYarn’s blog transferred successfully to where it needs to be, got the wireless music system working again (hadn’t worked in about 6 months), and got our backups working again (I learned we have had no backups since January of 2008! absolutely frightening). Plus some other minor-yet-annoyingly-difficult stuff. I also started putting photos in iPhoto and organizing them there. Now I find iPhoto is as much of a time-suck as Ravelry was when I first started there. Which leads me to the question I have for you:

How do you organize your knitting and spinning photos in iPhoto? I mean Events-wise. I made an Event for WIP 2010, WIP 2009, etc. Those WIP photos I’m OK with grouping by year. But finished items? Do you sort them by year made, or year gifted or sold or donated? Do you make an Event for “Made in 2010” or one “All items made for [this individual]” or one for “Hats”? Do you bother with the “Hats” Event if you’re using the keyword “hats”? I’d love to hear how your system works so I can make some decisions about my own. It’s far easier to input things neatly at the outset than to fix it all later.

I did promise you finished objects. Considering these were mostly done on the bus to and from work, my evenings being taken up with computer stuff at home, I think I got a lot done. I made hat and bootie sets:

Plain hat:


Pattern: own
Yarn: 1 skein DROPS Fabel, 75% superwash wool, 25% nylon, color 903
Needles: US size 2
Size: infant
Started 7/13 and finished 8/15/2010

Funny long pointy hat that flops over when the balloon wears it. Also I think the sand makes the best background I’ve used in a long time (rode my bike to Ocean Beach one day):



Pattern: own
Yarn: 1 skein DROPS Fabel, 75% superwash wool, 25% nylon, color 162
Needles: US size 2
Size: infant
Started 8/30 and finished 10/9/2010

Ruffly hat. The ruffle felt like it took forever, although I notice this set took me the least number of days of these sets:


Pattern: own
Yarn: 1 skein DROPS Fabel, 75% superwash wool, 25% nylon, color 330
Needles: US size 2
Size: infant
Started 10/10 and finished 10/16/2010



Pattern: own
Yarn: 1 skein DROPS Fabel, 75% superwash wool, 25% nylon, color 672
Needles: US size 2
Size: infant
Started 10/18 and finished 11/29/2010

My mom got two more pairs of socks. These first ones went hiking in Sequoia National Park, where I heard they saw a bear:

Pattern: Jaywalker by Grumperina for the cuffs, my own pattern for the rest
Yarn: Regia Cotton Weekend Color; 41% wool, 34% cotton, 25% nylon; color 03029
Needles: US size 2 for the cuff, US size 1 for the top ribbing and the rest of the sock after the cuff
Started 7/24 and finished 8/25/2010


Pattern: Nixen-Socken by Elisabeth Bak
Yarn: Regia Cotton Weekend Color; 41% wool, 34% cotton, 25% nylon; color 38628
Needles: US size 1
Started 9/4 and finished 10/9/2010

I donated the brown and blue Bird on a Wire hat you saw earlier this year to the chemo center at a local hospital; also donated this one (yes, you’ve seen one just like it before, this is Shedir the Second in purple Malabrigo), modeled by the ever-obliging Sancho Panza:



Pattern: Shedir by Jenna Wilson, as published on knitty.com, with one change: I ended the crown on 8 stitches instead of 4
Yarn: Malabrigo Silky Merino, 51% silk, 49% merino wool, color 420 Light Hyacinth
Needles: US size 3
Size: adult
Started 10/18 and finished 11/4/2010

And I got Abby Franquemont’s “Respect the Spindle” from the library last week and it inspired me to try my drop spindle again after letting it be idle for several years. That’s all I did Friday night, stand there and twirl that spindle and make some skinny pink 2-ply yarn. It turns out I’m good at it. I remember having a really hard time the last time I tried and have been using the wheel since then. I had flat pretzels with self-made tzatziki for dinner just so I could keep spinning. Yesterday I took the spindle and fresh pink fiber with me to the park and sat on a bench in Conservatory Valley for 30 minutes and made this:


It was getting dark so this photo is hyper-pink. The fiber is not fluorescent. Sitting down while spinning was new. I thought standing in the park I’d make too much of a spectacle of myself so I contented myself with making about 3 feet at a time. Tonight I’ll spin standing up so I can make longer strands before winding on. But I’ll make dinner first.

One last random thing to share with you: when I visited my mom in early October, the rattlesnake babies were just a couple of weeks old. You’ll have to click for big, but here is one of the babies, curled up just above that green leaf in the middle:


And a mom watching us carefully:


The snake guy was out walking the same day we were and identified this one as a female. Note to self: when in Los Osos, always stay on the path, preferably in the middle of it. Regardless of time of year. It’s almost never cold enough that they stay underground.