Today was sunny and warm for the first time in weeks. I ran the usual morning errands, then took a long walk in the park in the afternoon. I took my drop spindle with me (it goes with me lots of places these days) and spent about 45 minutes watching the ducks and gulls and geese race after Cheerios and bread chunks at Stow Lake, then spent about an hour spinning while watching said birds. My knitting never makes anyone raise an eyebrow, nor does my taking photos of finished items except when I’m using one of Cervantes’ characters as a model. If you want to elicit responses from passersby in the great outdoors, spin on a drop spindle. I didn’t think anyone would notice or care; was I wrong!

I left the lake when I had to put on a jacket, got home and treated myself to one “Buffy” episode of knitting. And in keeping with my last post, it turns out this week’s current projects also blend in.

Current projects

Apparently I’m knitting a sweater to wear while watching TV and a hat to wear with my t-shirt (look, ma, no wearing 2 sweaters in the house, it’s that warm tonight!). Ignore my dark blue lounging-about-the-house pants, although they do match the navy blue sleeve I knitted for the Hex Coat this week.