I went to Stitches West and came back with some goodies:


Top row: enough Silky Wool for 2 sweaters, really wild Noro, a lovely blend of Shetland and Costwold from Hill & Dale, a heavier drop spindle than I already own, and resin buttons. I walked past the button booth at first, assuming the buttons were glass because they were so shiny, and I don’t want fragile buttons. I finally touched a button, noticed it wasn’t cold and therefore not glass, and eventually bought just these red ones. Next year I’ll have to bring either sweaters that need buttons or swatches for their button bands.

Middle row: a llama/BFL/mohair blend also from Hill & Dale, more spinning fiber, yarn from Miss Babs, TARDIS-blue sock yarn (yay! I’ve had TARDIS socks in my head for a while), skinny yarns with specific projects in mind.

Bottom row: a crazy sparkly batt and the result of Sunday’s return trip to Miss Babs’ booth for a big hunk of fiber in a colorway called “cascade.”

Stitches West had even more booths this year than before. I missed a few vendors who weren’t there and found some new ones. The Sanguine Gryphon was new for me; I don’t think I’ve seen her booth there before. Her yarns are beautiful. I resisted those and bought one of her patterns.

Saturday night in our hotel room my friends thought it would be funny to get a picture of me reclining like a Roman at a feast. Apparently there is another shot of me on someone’s camera that caught me making a face more like the stereotypical blasé look you see in movies of that kind. Here I’m looking pretty happy (yarn and red wine will do that to you).


I had fun, and at last year’s rate of knitting I bought about 9 months’ of yarn. At this year’s rate so far, I could go through it in 3. My high rate of knitting uses up all my free time in the evening and prevents me from recording my projects here, hence the dearth of blog posts this year. I’m sure it won’t last.

As has been the case often in the past, the hills behind the convention center had snow:


I realize that U-Haul was probably a vendor’s, but given some of the large sacks I saw ladies walking around with in the Market I could imagine a shopper had rented it.

P.S. Niece has Nemo hat and likes it. Success!