The Hex Coat is the fastest I have knitted and assembled an adult-size sweater. I typically knit things relatively quickly, it’s the assembling and finishing that languishes. But I had about 3 weeks of sleeping incredibly poorly from mid-January to February, giving me loads of time to both knit and assemble this one. The k1p1 of the moss stitch was oddly rhythmic and kept my poor tired brain focused. Progress slowed once I started sleeping full nights again plus I also made the Nemo hat at the same time.


I got the yarn from a friend who gave me one skein to swatch with. I knitted up the first few inches of sleeve that evening and washed and blocked it. The next morning I happily confirmed my gauge was spot-on so that night I put the sleeve/swatch back on the needles and finished and blocked the sleeve that same night. Then I had to wait a whole week to get the rest of the yarn from her.


Pattern: Hex Coat by Norah Gaughan, as published in “Knitting Nature”
Yarn: a little more than 6 skeins Cascade 220, 100% wool, color 8392
Needles: US size 6 for hems, size 8 for body, size 7 for hexagons
Size: Petite, with modifications
Started 1/12 and finished 2/20/2011


I am by no means petite but that was the size closest to fitting me. Modifications: made it 26″ long (8 hexagons tall) from hem to armhole instead of 32.25″ (11 hexagons tall; can’t imagine such a long sweater on a petite woman), cast on more stitches for the backs and fronts to accommodate my lower half, added waist shaping, reduced to fewer stitches in the upper half than dictated in the pattern, started moss stitch right away at the hems instead of k1p1 rib. I used my super-thin mercerized cotton to baste the seams as I went so I could try it on as I knitted. I say it’s long enough. And that I apparently need new blue jeans; these look rather baggy in the photo.


I wanted to finish it before Stitches West and didn’t quite make it. I knitted hexagons Friday night, sewed seams and wove in ends Saturday night (although I spit-spliced the yarn as I went, each hexagon necessitates two tails so there was still plenty to do there), and knitted the last hexagon at breakfast Sunday morning so I wore it to the market just that one day. I have worn it a lot since then, both in the house and out and about. It turns out wearing a long woolly cardigan (and not “cardi”; absolutely despise that word) feels a lot like wearing my bathrobe but looks far more elegant and is warmer.

The hexagons are pretty cool:


I am considering making a belt for it in moss stitch with zig-zag i-cord edges. Wait and see on that one.