In June I decided to try making limoncello. I got a bunch of Meyer lemons (which I know are not usually used for limoncello but the price was right: my co-worker has a Meyer lemon tree and brought in a mess of lemons),

Today's project

carefully took off just the yellow part of the peel until I had about 45g of peel,

Prep work

and divided it between 2 Mason jars to which I added 375 ml of vodka each:

The first wait begins

Then I had to let it rest 30 days. Thirty long days. Today I made the sugar syrup and now the jars are resting for their second 30 days before I have finished limoncello:

Limoncello step 2

I split the jars so I could use different sugar syrup ratios. I used organic sugar to make the syrup that went into the jar on the left which is why it’s brown. That sugar leaves some molasses in which I’ve never noticed makes a difference when baking but obviously makes a huge aesthetic difference when made into a syrup. So I ran downstairs and bought some white sugar from the corner market to make the syrup that went into the jar on the right. Just for my records: brown jar = 1.25 ratio, yellow jar = 1.4 ratio of water to sugar.

Also made plum tart test #1:

Plum tart test #1

And, of course, today’s obligatory knitting content. I present socks that match my strawberries. The pattern is called Froot Loop (which I of course must change to Fruit Loop) and the yarn is Halcyon Yarn’s 25th Anniversary sock yarn in Ruby Sunset:


Now I have to go gobble my lunch (and plum tart!) so I can go to the Ravelry meet-up this afternoon.