I was industrious today. Lots of housework, laundry, some drop spindling, spun up the Tinki alpaca on the wheel (more on that in a later post), cooked sambar, baked a loaf of bread, and made tartlet shells and turned one into a strawberry tart for tonight’s dessert. I also finally sewed up the seam on the Twilight shawl and blocked it. Cue the big frowny face.


Usually blocking means a happy face. See, though, the out-of-place hole up in the upper right? Click the photo to see it with the note if you can’t see the hole. While pinning, a dropped stitch I obviously didn’t notice during the knitting (how? how? I counted stitches so carefully!) ran in a dramatic fashion. Yargh! Never let it be said that this Wagtail Yarns mohair isn’t smooth; that baby was moving south fast.

I went to the Ravelry meet-up last weekend. I enjoyed looking at all the finished objects worn by everyone and met a couple of nice ladies, whose real and Ravelry names I promptly forgot.