Urban Fauna Studio had a 3rd anniversary open house / sale / fiber afternoon. I partook of the social scene and of the goodies (closet cleanout + consignment store = yarn money!).


The blue and green fiber is from Sincere Sheep. The other fiber and the yarn is from Girl on the Rocks. It’s sock yarn but held doubled will make a nifty hat. The color is “International Orange.” In my head I have a plan for a knit hat with the Golden Gate Bridge in purl stitches. My head has lots of plans. It’s the execution that’s lacking.

Not too much to tell on the knitting front. I have a too-big sock, a too-small sock, a sweater with the body slightly too wide and the sleeves significantly too short (how did that happen?), and just general gauge badness despite swatching. To make up for all that I made a shawl and some hats which will make their appearance here once I finally take pictures.