On Sunday I finally sampled the limoncello I made in June. The previous post with pictures of the two steps to make it is here. It rested longer than I thought after step 2; I was sick in August right when it was done and a few weeks later caught a bad cold that killed my sense of taste and smell. This weekend was the first one where I felt I’d give this a proper taste test.

I chilled it all and then poured a little each from the store-bought bottle and the two I made:


Then there was sampling. Mmm… tasty! The homemade stuff is comparable to the store-bought. I liked the contents of the right jar better because it was less sweet than the left jar. The store-bought was about between the two in sweetness with another flavor in it I can’t place. Might be because it’s likely made with lemons and mine is made with Meyer lemons.

Details: I started each jar with about 22g of peel and 375 ml of vodka. After that sat for 30 days I made two batches of sugar syrup, in different ratios, to fill the jars to the top and let them sit for another 30 days. The left jar contains a syrup with a 1.25 ratio of water to sugar and the right jar’s ratio is 1.4. I like the right jar’s taste better; the other one is sweeter than I like. I used organic sugar in the left jar which gave it that brown coloring.

All in all, a success. Would I make it again? I will wait and see. I don’t drink it often (first bottle I’ve purchased in several years) but making it myself an advantage: I know exactly what’s in it (the store-bought one definitely has some sort of coloring added to give it that vibrant yellow color). Disadvantage: it takes between 8 and 90 days to make this, depending on how many days you decide to wait between the two steps.

I filtered out the peels and put them in a fresh jar in vodka, planning to use those instead of Zitronat in the Stollen I bake this Christmas. I wonder if they’ll compete with the rum-soaked raisins?