My big-ish pile of finished objects is staring at me again, meaning it’s time to write them up and tag them. Today’s topic: shawls.

The Twilight Shawl is one that wasn’t in Ravelry even though it was published 4 years ago. I got the pattern and yarn from the Wagtail Yarns booth at Stitches West earlier this year.


Pattern: Twilight Shawl by Joyce Miller, published by Wagtail Yarns, 2007
Yarn: 1 skein Wagtail Yarns 2-ply Laceweight, 100% kid mohair, color 510 150 Deep Aqua
Needles: US size 4
Size: 64″ across the top, 31″ tall
Started 3/14 and finished 10/24/2011

The pattern used nearly the whole skein of yarn, maybe 15 yards left. The yarn is very slippery. This means when I dropped a stitch, it ran half a dozen rows without provocation. It also means the finished shawl drapes beautifully.


It did not take me long to knit; I finished knitting it 4/10. Then it sat around waiting for me to sew the seam joining the two halves of the feather and fan and border sections and block it, which I did 7/24. When I blocked it I found a stitch in the feather and fan that escaped a k2tog (how I failed to notice that while neurotically counting stitches while knitting escapes me) that I quickly trapped with a safety pin and finally fixed on 10/24.


For some reason, only the Syrian pattern, which in my opinion is the simplest part of the pattern, is charted. The feather and fan section and the border are written out. The seam causes a small bulge that would not block out. The shawl is wide enough that Sancho and Don can wear it simultaneously:


The next shawl (not as big as Twilight; more a triangular scarf) was so nice I knitted it twice. Self-portraits were kind of a problem this time around. This is the best I got:


Pattern: An Old Shale Shawl by Evelyn A. Clark, as published in “Knitting Traditions,” Winter 2010
Yarn: 1sk Misti Alpaca Lace, 100% baby alpaca, color MC-1071
Needles: US size 6
Crochet hook: US size E (for border)
Size: 48″ across the top, 21″ tall
Started 7/27 and finished 8/6/2011

The agave modeled it better:


As did the ever-trusty Mr. Quixote:


There are a couple of small errors in the pattern, printed as k2tog in three places where it should be ssk, on row 21 and twice on row 45.


Second time around is in a light spring green:


Details same as above except:
Yarn: 1sk Misti Alpaca Lace, 100% baby alpaca, color 7300
Started 9/14 and finished 10/16/2011

The border was easy-peasy, hooking together multiple stitches and chaining between. You crocheters out there might know this already, but when it tells you to slip a number of stitches together you don’t include the stitch on the hook in this count. Slip 3 stitches means grab 3 shawl stitches with the crochet hook and hook those together with the stitch already on the hook. I didn’t pin out each individual point of the border when I blocked, just ran my blocking wires through each major point. I like the former look better (when I look at other shawls in Ravelry) but am lazyier than I care to admit so the latter suits me fine.

Hmm… these bring my shawl count up to 14 when I look at my Ravelry notebook. That doesn’t sound right; it feels like I’ve made more, maybe because thin yarn + lace = lots of knitting hours.

I took the leftover two colors of Misti Alpaca Lace, spun up a Corriedale singles, and plied the three strands together:


Quantity: 1 ounce
Finished yarn: 1 skein, 3-ply, 49.5 yards, about DK weight
Spun and plied at 12:1 on Lendrum wheel