A few months ago I wanted to try patterns in which the purls stand out in relief to the knits. I think that’s called damask; at least, that’s what it’s called when you get a similar result using warp and weft in weaving. It may have a different name in knitting.

The Denmark Cap pattern has you choose the stitch patterns you want to use. I picked simple triangles and an 8-pointed star. I made it tall enough to have a fold-up brim. When the hat is flat you can see more of the purl-stitch pattern:


The brim covers both lower rows of triangles and also this wearer’s eyes:


Pattern: Denmark Cap by Donna Druchunas, as published in “Ethnic Knitting Discovery: the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, and the Andes”
Yarn: Brunswick Germantown, 100% wool, color 464 Pewter Heather
Needles: US size 7
Size: adult large
Started 6/13 and finished 6/17/2011

I did an 8-point spiral decrease at the top:


The green and  yellow sweater I made in September is no more. I unraveled it, skeined, washed and dried the yarn, and passed it on. I wasn’t enjoying that project and decided not to force it.