Only 3.5 hours of 2011 remain. I got my entertainment for the evening lined up while ago:


Yep, drop spindle is in the picture plus a couple of projects I’d like to mark complete in 2011.

Two weeks ago my work held its craft fair. My table was very successful; I brought 101 items and sold 33, just under one third of my inventory. Very nice. The finished objects box actually closes now and I had cash enough to buy “Vintage Baby Knits” and to take the intermediate spindling class at A Verb For Keeping Warm on 12/18 and have been practicing since then. Another practice session is a good way to wrap up the year.

Christmas was good, too. I visited various family members along the Central Coast. I figure if you can’t have snow you must enjoy the sand.



Today I went to the farmers’ market as usual for a Saturday, then because the music in the car was so entertaining (I’m on a Joy Division kick and the car is great for singing along) I drove to Ocean Beach and watched the waves awhile before going for a long-ish walk, encountering dozens of the happiest off-leash dogs I’ve seen in a while. Lots of jellyfish were washed up on shore plus the largest shark egg case I’ve ever seen:


Lots of bloggers I read have done their year-end accounting for knitting and spinning. Mine’s not done yet so I leave you with an ocean photo instead:


Celebrate well tonight!