With all the spinning I did last fall I needed to free up all bobbins. Mr. MmmYarn spun a little, too, and made blue merino and silvery-gray merino/Tencel 2-plies in 2008 of which he left some leftovers on 2 bobbins. I plied them together into a 50-yard skein, which I don’t count in my totals but do want to show off here at Mmm… Yarn:


Continuing on from the previous post with the rest of 2011 spinning. This next fiber came in a box that contained 7 small bundles of different colors of naturally-dyed alpaca. I laid out the colors to decide what order to spin them in (went for alternating darker and lighter colors), split each roughly in half, and spun two singles, changing colors in the same order. I plied them together and got self-striping yarn:


Fiber: Tinki 100% alpaca
Quantity: 70 g
Finished yarn: 1 skein of 2-ply, 78 yards
Spun and plied on a Lendrum wheel in July 2011

According to the box this alpaca was intended as craft/felting fiber and not spinning fiber. It was lumpy, hard to draft because it was already a little felted, and had a lot of vegetable matter in it. I spun it roughly without worrying whether I was maintaining a uniform thickness.

At Stitches West last year I bought a crazy batt of every fiber under the sun. Mmm… pretty:


This I spun in two evenings:


Fiber: Faerie Mountain Fibers “Handcrafted Crazy Batt” with a wild mix of fibers
Quantity: 2 oz
Finished yarn: 1 skein of 2-ply , 108 yards
Spun 9/25-9/27 and plied 9/28/2011 on a Lendrum wheel, both at 15:1

This yarn contains everything including angelina, which got everywhere and I still find scattered around the apartment even though the batt never left the area around my wheel. Drafting was smooth in places and difficult in others, depended upon the particular mix of materials in any one spot. I wound the singles around my hand to do an Andean ply. I learned 2 ounces is too much yarn for this maneuver; my middle finger ached by the time I had it all wound on. The finished yarn is thick and thin and in at least one place part of the singles is all angelina. The colors are beautiful and I truly like how the yarn turned out. Now, what to make with it?

This purple and red is top I bought probably close to 10 years ago, back when I first learned to spin. I set it aside as the “good” fiber to use once I was done with off-white. It was late summer’s Laundromat spinning:


I spun it all on my spindle and Navajo plied it. I did a bit of that on the spindle but that was a true pain in the rump so I plied the rest on the Lendrum. I noticed it matched a nearby sweet pea plant:


Fiber: Royal Hare 100% merino
Quantity: 4 ounces
Color: Santa Rosa Plum
Finished yarn: Navajo ply (same thickness as but different construction than a 3-ply), 164 yards
Started probably in August and finished October 2011

There were a few other little off-white 1-ounce trial bits and practice stuff that I didn’t photograph, except one. This pretty much represents the lot of it (this is 99 yards of superwash merino lamb top):


All in all, approximately 1898 yards (1.07 miles) of yarn spun in 2011, which works out to 4392 yards (2.49 miles) if you count all the plies. I should have left leg and right arm muscles of steel with all the wheel and spindle spinning I did. Alas, no.

Should I ever publicly complain that I have nothing to knit or that I can’t figure out why I never have time to play the guitar anymore, tell me to re-read the previous paragraph.